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Nik Ives-Allison

General Manager,
Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC)
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Nicole (Nik) Ives-Allison is the General Manager of the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC), the first (and only) city-based music industry trade association in Ontario. Representing over 180 artists and music businesses at all stages of their development, OMIC offers professional and industry development, export opportunities, advocacy and research on behalf of its membership and the wider Ottawa music community. Currently OMIC is leading the development of the first official music strategy for the City of Ottawa which is expected to be adopted in early 2018. Nik joined OMIC in May 2017, bringing to the role artist development experience honed through her time at the helm of Matchless Minds, a social enterprise record label started in Ottawa which operated out of Belfast, Northern Ireland (2010-2013) and as an artist management and brand consultant. She has also been heavily engaged in research around the relationship between space and politics in the development of UK music scenes (specifically in Manchester/Salford, Belfast, Dublin and East London).