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Rob Malowany

Artist, Producer, Film Maker,
Parkland Music Project
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver-based, Edmonton-born multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, audio engineer, record producer and filmmaker Rob Malowany has over 20 years of experience working in various aspects of the music industry.

An impassioned live performer, Malowany has toured Canada since 1995 as both a bandleader and side musician, and has booked shows both locally and nationally. His current music project, Parkland, is an ever-shifting cast of some of Vancouver’s leading roots and avant-garde players. In its brief, productive existence Parkland has released four albums. A documentary film on the group’s synthesis of indie/alt-country songwriting and expansive improvisation is due in Fall, 2018, along with a soundtrack album release.

Rob has produced fifteen albums of his own projects and many records for other artists, including two compilation albums that saw a first-class band backing some of Western Canada’s finest songwriters, including members of Old Reliable, Captain Tractor, Wet Secrets, and The Waltons. A collaboration recording melding Rodney DeCroo’s poetry and Malowany’s sound design was hailed by Discorder Magazine as a “triumph of carefully laid textures that marry the spoken language of the author with morphing soundscapes of strings, synths, and otherworldly pulses that explode with unexpected richness.”

From 2013 to 2016, Malowany hosted “Satan’s Cabaret”, a podcast that featured long form interviews and performances by artists such as Stephen McBean (Black Mountain), Carole Pope, José Contreras (By Divine Right), Stephen Lyons (Fond of Tigers), Mike McDonald (Jr. Gone Wild), Steve Dawson, Jesse Zubot, Veda Hille, and Carolyn Mark, as well as many lesser-known but hugely talented artists. Over 100 episodes, Malowany captured sublime intimate performances and investigated the nature of creativity.