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Fearless Fred Kennedy

CFNY-FM (102.1 The Edge)
Toronto, ON, Canada
Fred has been working in radio since '99 and in that time has traveled across the country, working in Nova Scotia, Northern Ontario, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Lloydminster, and eventually Toronto...where he currently hosts Afternoon Drive on 102.1 The Edge.

He began podcasting in 2011 via Teletoon at Night, and called his show The Fred Cast. It was an hour long and involved a collection of comic creators and even people working in animation. Fast forward to the fall of 2016 he relaunched his podcast as Issue Zero on the Antica Podcast.

Issue Zero is similar to the Fredcast in that it's interview focused but it's shorter, and deals with a lot more than just comics. It's about ALL things, Nerd Culture realted.