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Linnette Harrigan

Linnette Harrigan Media Inc.
New York, NY, USA
LINNETTE HARRIGAN is a music industry expert, supervisor, publisher, producer and entrepreneur.
Harrigan began in Promotions at MJJ Music – the record label of late King of Pop Michael Jackson in the early 1990’s. She later gained further work & experience with such music giants as Sony Music Entertainment, ASCAP & Billboard magazine.
She started her own creative agency, “Linnette Harrigan Media Inc.” in 2009 to continue her passion with music industry and media.
Linnette transitioned into television around 2011 working with music departments and providing soundtracks for such TV reality and dramas as “The Game” (CBS/BET), “Catfish” (MTV), “So You Think You Can Dance” (Fox), Rouge (Direct TV) & many more
In addition, she is producer of music for various big budget Commercials broadcast on Japanese Television.
Her roster and music catalog currently include such Grammy winning songwriter legends as Chris Jasper of the The Isley Bros. She also represents various composers who have contributed to Beyonce’s, Grammy-winning “ Lemonade “ Album & the 2017 Oscar winning Best Picture “Moonlight.”
Linnette Harrigan is also a mentor and publisher of up and coming artists and songwriters providing education, workshops and events in the New York City area and beyond.
Upcoming Podcast, “Let’s Talk Music With Linnette” Website: www. Linnetteharriganmedia.com
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