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Catherine Planet

Artist & Founder,
La Chasse-Balcon
Montreal, QC, Canada
A musician and entrepreneur from Montreal, Catherine has developed La Chasse-Balcon in 2014, a new concept of music events with the mission of bringing neighbors together in residential areas. Inspired by the music vivacity of Louisiana, where she lived and studied in a master program for four years, she came back to her home place with the strong desire to encourage music to take its place in the city. Using mostly private balconies as stages, she demonstrates that the bridge between private and public spaces is quite easy to cross.

Lately, she has focused her activities on promoting traditional music, and observed how it develops communal links in urban spaces.

Besides her studies in Louisiana, Catherine also holds a B.A. in music (Concordia University), a B.A. in teaching (UQAM) and a master in Communications (UQAM).