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Brian Byrne

Lead Singer, Radio Personality & Co-Founder of Musicoin,
I Mother Earth
Halifax, NS, Canada
Brian Byrne is best known for his work as the lead singer for multi platinum Canadian rock band I Mother Earth. Also a one time on air radio personality , hobby podcaster, jiu jitsu and climbing fanatic, solo artist, and philanthropist, Byrne now resides in Halifax , Nova Scotia with his wife and children.

Most recently He has added co founder of Musicoin to his repetoire.

Byrne founded the the non for profit music platform in 2016 with partners Dan Pfifer and Isaac Mao.
He says, "If i can help artists feel empowered and take control of their creations and money while appreciating and celebrating the fans that listen, through Musicoin. It will be the most important work I do through music".