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Pierre Lafrance

Virtual World Builder & Developer,
Montreal, QC, Canada
Pierre Lafrance

Pierre Lafrance has been a telecom Engineering and tech entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

He specializes in computer vision and software image processing algorithms. His passion for imagery has lead him to become an expert in virtual and augmented reality.

From both an engineering and customer experience standpoint, he tackles complex commercial challenges in a way that is both creative and practical.

His artistic flair as well as his acute sense of marketing have allowed him to put his extensive knowledge of visual technologies to the service of numerous clients around the world.

This vast experience in the burgeoning industry of Mixed Reality devices, have made him an early-stage thought leader in the field of immersive media and head mounted displays.

After successfully creating and selling a technology company in the medical field, he has recently joined Bertrand Nepveu and his team to commercialize the Totem, the most advanced Mixed Reality head-mounted device on the market today.

VRvana’s TOTEM

With 2 frontal cameras scientifically reproducing natural human vision to offer a smooth experience that seamlessly merges the real world with the virtual world, VRvana’s Totem is currently the most advanced device commercially available.

This recently lead the independent and trusted gear review publication Tom’s Hardware to call the Totem: “The Best Mixed Reality We’ve Ever Seen".

They have thoroughly tested every other device and have agreed to endorse the Totem because: "The device had no issues; the visuals were completely smooth and stable. The transition between these realities (AR\VR) was as smooth as any standard video fade effect. (...) ”

Ready to hit the shelves and fully equipped with a combo of some of the most modern and powerful components available, the Totem offers a 120 degrees field of view (horizontally and vertically) in both virtual reality and augmented reality modes.

This extra low latency field of view is 3 to 6 times larger than any other Mixed Reality device available today for testing and\or commercial use (Hololens, Magic Leap, Epson, etc.).

After more than 10 years in the lab, the Totem is about to hit the shelves before most of the major players (Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.) and will provide the most immersive and realistic Mixed Reality experience in the industry at a highly competitive price.

VRvana is currently teaming up with various influential partners to commercialize a series of industry specific Mixed Reality experiences.

Wearing a Totem device to execute a complex task, while being remotely assisted by an expert that can see in real time what you see is a new reality that is about to redefine the way business is conducted.

For that reason, it is fair to say that the Totem is one of the most disruptive and promising Canadian invention on the world stage today.

With industry grade solutions in development in the medical field, the entertainment industry and various other highly lucrative sectors such as aviation and media production, the Totem is definitely a name to watch in the years to come.