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Attilio Perissinotti

BPM Concerti/Home Festival
In 2013 two prominent independent national agencies - Estragon Lab and Virus Concerti – merge to form a new independent reality, BPM Concerti. Pioneered by veteran agents Alessandro Ceccarelli and Attilio Perissinotti set a new standard in artist development, strategy and proposals. As co-founder, Attilio is responsible for marketing and business development.

TIJ Events is the communications company for Italian artists and brands who want to take their ideas abroad, with a view of interaction and connection with the city and the Italian communities living abroad. Based in London, from 2008 TIJ Events, Attilio has been working to promote Italian art and culture in Europe. During these years TIJ Events has organized events of the greatest Italian artists in the major cities and European capitals such as Monaco, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and London.

Prior to BMP, Attilio worked for Virus Concerti, music events organization company and booking agency. Attilio also founded Music in Village Festival (Pordenone), Beach Bum Rock Festival, one of the first rock festival in northern Italy, and Italy’s Top 3rd record fair, the annual “Disk and Records Show-Market” held at the Fiera di Pordenone. He also is well versed in the live scene, having launched a series of live concert venues, Oasis Marghera (Venice), Rototom Zoppola, and casting the music for the Music Fair of Azzano X”, (Pordenone).