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Chantal Epp

Head of Business Development,
London, UK
I always knew I wanted to work in music so when I went to University I studied Commercial Music at University of Westminster which gave an overview of being a performer, producer and working in music business. In my final year I started my own business, Synergy Sounds, where I make music for Cheerleading routines. I often have to find music to fit a brief so when I started looking for a part time job, I thought Music Supervision would suit me well.

I then joined CueSongs and have been involved with the company for 3 years growing and building on our pre-cleared commercial music licensing platform whilst also providing music supervision services, mostly specialising in online content.

I started out here as a music creative working on projects for branded channels like Soho House and independent YouTube channels like Copa90. I now work as Head of Business Development growing the business into the YouTube market where a lot of content is being created yet licensing of commercial music is very difficult. Our aim is to help artists and rightsholders monetise in areas that were previously unachievable given the current methods and to help those licensing music to find what they want and license it instantly. Welcome to the 21st century!

The most recent project we are working on is for Spotify and will air on their new video platform. The show is called 'Trading Playlists'.