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Anthony Chambon

Partner, Promoter & Booking Agent,
Alternative Live
Paris, France
Anthony Chambon has been in the music industry for 15 years. In the short span of his career, he has worked for multiple record companies, live music-booking agencies and has founded one of the most popular independent company specialized in the development of the rock scene in France. In a musical landscape which is struggling to find solutions, Anthony focused on the long term work and innovative but targeted promotion strategies in order to build a loyal audience, structure, electrify and strengthen a scene which may have difficulties finding expression in France. He is now the CEO and associate partner of an agency based in Paris called Alternative Live, who represents artists such as All Time Low, Good Charlotte, A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive, Pvris and 100 other international artists in France. The company also runs two festivals of its own and handles the artistic direction of two renowned venues in Paris.