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Dave Brooks

Owner & Executive Director,
Amplify Media
Long Beach, CA, USA
Dave Brooks is the Founder and Editor of Amplify Media, covering the music business through his must-read newsletter The Real. Dave grew up in the Bay Area, graduated from UC Santa Cruz and moved south to LA in 2004 to work as a staff reporter for the LA Times Co. He was the managing editor of Venues Today for eight years, leaving in 2014 to launch ampthemag.com. A year later, Amplify became Powered by Pollstar, paving the way for The Real to appear weekly in Pollstar’s print magazine.

Amplify Media is a 100% independent company dedicated to fearlessly covering the music business. We specialize in covering the live entertainment industry, focusing on promoters, agents, managers, venue executives and those serving the concert business.

Amplify is powered by Pollstar, the world's largest concert magazine.