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Stacey Lock

Harm Reduction Director,
Shambhala Music Festival
Nelson, BC, Canada
Stacey Lock has been the Harm Reduction Director for Shambhala Music Festival for seven years. In this position she oversees six different departments including Options for Sexual Health, Women’s Safe Space, Outreach, Sanctuary (psych crisis tent), ANKORS pill testing and education booth, and Camp Clean Beats (sober camping and support). In her role she works collaboratively with security, medical and production under the public safety umbrella. She is also a co-founder of a Harm Reduction Consulting company with Joseph Pred and Caitlin Neal, that operates throughout North America. She has worked for fifteen years in program development, community engagement and service delivery in the social service field. Currently, she is also working as a homelessness prevention worker in Nelson, B.C.