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Jesper Mardahl

Managing Director,
Aarhus, Denmark
With more than 35 years as a music industry professional, Jesper Mardahl has been around most areas of the music scene in Denmark. Initially as a musician, but since then mostly working "backstage" as A & R manager, producer, label manager, and artist manager for some of the leading record companies in Denmark. Jesper has also worked as a project manager at Denmark’s largest music magazine, GAFFA , been co-developer of the Music Management education at the Royal Academy of Music, worked as lecturer and teacher - and since 2010 as head of Promus – The Music Community of Aarhus – Denmark’s second-largest city.

Promus, which is a networking platform and the bridge between the established music business and the new emerging talent, has now initiated the Music City Aarhus-project to further strengthen the city’s music business community and position as one of the leading music cities in Denmark.