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Kayla McGee

Administrator & Production Consultant,
Small World Music

Kayla came to Small World Music at the beginning of 2010 with a strong cross-section of skills and experience. Her 10+ years experience in arts administration, event management and love of global music has made her a great fit.

At Small World she takes the lead on administrative tasks such as organizational and financial management, grant writing and reporting, bookkeeping, artist logistics such as contracts and production requirements. Defeating the CRA and CIC Vogons has become her quest. Working collectively, she takes a key role in company strategizing and worked diligently to see the Small World Music Centre come to fruition in 2014.

Close to her heart lies a desire to share her knowledge, insight and experience with others interested in managing arts organizations – and being the backbone of what makes the Performing Arts possible! To this end, Kayla assists other individuals and presenters negotiate various levels of arts administration. Get in touch if you'd like her support: kayla@smallworldmusic.com

Small World Music Society

Established in 1997, Small World Music Society is a charitable organization that has earned a cherished place within Toronto’s cultural fabric, with a reputation as the city’s premier presenter of culturally diverse music. With its commitment to supporting locally-based artists, fellow presenters, community groups and audiences, Small World uses music to foster understanding and build cultural bridges.

The company’s motto - “The Beat of the Globe in the Heart of Toronto”, reflects its history - Small World presentations have featured artists from every corner of the globe – from Mali to Mongolia, from Brazil to Bulgaria. Great pride is taken in showcasing a breadth of artists ranging from emerging young musicians to internationally celebrated stars. Small World is uniquely positioned to bring this wealth of global sounds to an audience that encompasses all cultural groups - especially through the Small World Music Centre - Toronto's new World Music Hub.