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Helienne Lindvall

Swede As Candy Music
London, UK
Helienne Lindvall is an award-winning professional songwriter, musician and music and media writer for the Guardian. Hailing from Sweden, she worked as a session singer, recording artist and performer in Stockholm and NYC before settling in London, where she signed a publishing deal with BMG. Since then she’s been working with recording artists on both sides of the Atlantic, including Roger Sanchez and Big Daddy Wilson, collaborating with award-winning writers such as Jörgen Elofsson, Patrik Berger and Steve McEwan.

In 2007, Helienne also started writing about music for the Guardian. Her weekly column Behind The Music, which ran until August 2012, covered and analysed all areas of the music business, from the creative process to issues surrounding copyright. In September 2012 her next column, Plugged In, launched on MediaGuardian.

Helienne contributed a chapter for the Swedish book Myten om Internet (The Myth of the Internet), published August 2012. She’s also written for Digital Music News, Netopia, The Musician, The Australian and STIM-Magasinet, and has appeared on Sky News, the BBC, Irish National Radio and Swedish National Radio.

In November 2014 she added another string to her bow, becoming head of business relations for Auddly. She remains active as a professional musician and songwriter.