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Alex Hackford

Senior Artists & Repertoire,
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Los Angeles, CA, Canada
Alex Hackford is Director of A&R/Music Supervision at Sony Computer Entertainment America. He is responsible for soundtracks of Gran Turismo, MLB, Sound Shapes, Little Big Planet Karting, and Hohokum among others. Prior to SCEA, he was a manager at Sanctuary, as well as A&R at Columbia Records.

Hackford says: “When I’ve put a band in a game their touring radius broadens, they get radio ads, record deals etc. it’s been a visually quantifiable effect. "

Video game licensing has become a major revenue stream for artists, publishers and record companies alike, with hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing fees now up for grabs. But for up-and-coming artists the incentive is not only financial as the rewards for getting your music featured in a game can be career changing; the exposure can lead to record deals, advertising placements and the capture of a whole new audience of pixel-addled gamers.

Alex Hackford is a champion of Indie artists and is recognized for featuring unsigned bands in major PlayStation games. Amongst other dynamics of music in games he reveals the nuances of how video game music is chosen and how to pitch your songs!