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Reggie Barriero

Executive Partner,
The Cult Branding Company
Orlando, FL, USA
His marketing experience and work in the entertainment industry—including working branding campaigns and marketing projects for many creative celebrity artist—has led him to be a strong believer in the power of the brand. His skills help artist and businesses in communicating, organizing, and prioritizing marketing and brand building strategies. His unique experience provides management teams the increased potential to create exponential financial growth and brand longevity.
Reggie has been a special part of The Cult Branding Company, a specialized consulting firm that delivers penetrating insights and strategies that help you build stronger relationships with your customers. We’re experts in customer loyalty, brand development, organizational transformation, and leadership training.

Combining big data analysis with humanistic psychology, we utilize proprietary research methods to uncover the psychology and behaviors of your customers and to translate those insights into effective strategies for cultivating loyalty, increasing ROI, and accelerating top-line revenue growth. We work with private and public businesses, regional and international.