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Sandy Hurst

Toronto, ON,
With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and 10 years in digital marketing, Sandy Hurst is an expert in audience growth and engagement, with major strengths in insightful, in-depth analysis, strategic management, and driving decisions through data intelligence. After launching countless digital campaigns for some of Canada’s largest radio stations, Sandy saw a massive opportunity to provide radio with a complete marketing platform to help stations increase digital reach, tuning, and engagement worldwide. Now heading up SoCast Inc. as COO and VP of Sales, Sandy has successfully brought the SoCast platform to major conglomerates such as Corus and Pattison Radio.

An accomplished MBA graduate, his previous experience includes developing a number of businesses including a popular concert promotions company, charity event services, live venue management, real estate, and recording studio facilities. Sandy has spoken at several conferences including SXSW, CMW, Hivio, NXNE, and OAB.