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JJ Johnston

President, CEO,Talent Coach,
JJ International Media and Management Solutions (JJIMs Inc)
Demorestville, ON, Canada
Jim (JJ) Johnston is the President and CEO of JJ International Media/Management Solutions (JJIMS INC). JJ is a full-service worldwide Media consultant. He is legendary for his keen eyes and ears in the radio industry. He has worked closely on content generation and talent development with many of Canada’s biggest radio performers and now also provides those services in the U.S., Australia and beyond.

JJ’s previous positions included piloting the airwaves at legendary stations such as CFGO, CKLW, CFTR and CITI-FM and extremely successful runs as; GM of Corus Radio Ontario East, GM of Corus Radio Toronto, GM of Corus Radio Vancouver, VP/GM and P.D. of Mix 99.9 Toronto, VP of Programming for Standard Broadcasting, National Rock Program Director W.I.C., and National Program Director for Moffat Communications.

JJ has the distinction of being CMW’s “Program Director of the Year” Award nine times in a variety of radio formats and his stations have won countless “Station of the Year” awards. He has considerable expertise in programming/content generation, administration, multi-media sales, recruiting, advertising, marketing, content and talent development. He is also an executive coach, helping to develop talent in a number of industries.