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Ethan Kaplan

Live Nation Labs
Los Angeles, CA, USA
I'm a former academic, a former newspaper webmaster and a present day technological evangelist and innovator. For the past 17 years, I've been operating at the forefront of old media's emergences into the new, including the print, broadcast, academic/art and music businesses.

I am a geek in every sense. Music, media, technology. I enjoy being labeled as such.

I am a geek. I lead geeks. I design products. Sometimes I program. I like music too much.

Specialties: New technology acquisition and integration, system designs and architectures, project management, media/cultural theory.

I'm fluent in most programming languages, familiar with all systems (Unix, etc) and if I don't know a piece of technology, can learn it quickly.

Including: Rails, Mongo, Ruby, Python, servers and infrastructure, operations, design, product, ObjectiveC, iOS