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Dawn Sutter Madell

Music Supervisor,
New York, NY, USA
Dawn Sutter Madell has been been an owner and music supervisor at Agoraphone for the last 13 years. In that time she has worked on commercials for Nike, Audi, Heineken, T Mobile, to name just a few. She has placed bands like Hanni El Khatib, ESG, Band Of Skulls, The Monks and Melvins in those ads. Other projects that she has supervised include film (Run For Your Life, Revolucion: Five Visions), TV (Out There), National stores(Cole Haan) and conferences (AIGA). Before being a music supervisor she was a writer and editor for CMJ.

Agoraphone is a music supervision company. They find and license pre-recorded music as well as produce original music for commercials, film, television, stores, conferences, or any other event that needs music.