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Julie Geller

VP, Marketing,
Toronto, ON, Canada
Julie is a self-confessed content gold digger with a passion for the online social space. She has more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing, and her specialties include strategic planning, growing online communities, implementing social media governance models, reporting and stakeholder management.

Julie is a gifted evaluator of what works and why in the social realm. Her insights, derived from expert analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, are used to guide brand strategy and point of view.

Julie has worked with a variety of medium-to-large digital marketing programs in the broadcast, retail, IT, health, finance, education, automotive and not-for-profit sectors. Most recently, she joined Cision Canada to pilot its social media initiatives and to establish its social voice. By setting benchmarks and providing analysis for company decision-makers, Julie is playing a guiding role in the discussion, development and articulation of a social media vision for enterprise strategists, key marketers and CSR leads associated with the organization.