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Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle Music
London, ON, CANADA
in 1980, Kevin recorded "The Demics" ground breaking EP "New York City". The success of The Demics opened the doors to "Sounds Interchange" one of Canada's premiere recording studios in Toronto. It was at this studio that Kevin initiated a unique working relationship with Glenn Gould and Bob Ezrin (Kiss).

In 1990, a Juno award was awarded to Kevin for his mix of Alannah Myle's "Black Velvet" CD. In the next 5 years, Kevin was nominated for a Juno Award every year, winning his second Juno for Anne Murray's "Croonin" CD. In total Kevin has been nominated for a Juno award ten times and winning three. In the late 90's, Kevin traveled the world extensively working with famous artists and also volunteering his services in Africa and Russia.

At the turn of the century, Kevin took a 2-year sabbatical from work and trekked the world with his 2 sons and rejoined the industry at the requests of Anne Murray and Jack Lenz (The Passion Of The Christ). In 2004 added teaching to his credentials, where he undertook a music professor role at his former Alma Matter "Fanshawe College".

Recently Kevin has set up his own mixing facility in London, Ontario, which has allowed him to work on various projects locally and internationally.