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Ana Figueiredo

Director and Booking Agent,
Fabulous Generation Agency / PAD Artist Collective
Lisbon, Braga, Portugal
Ana was born in 1983 in Lisbon. As a teenager in the 90's she volunteered enthusiastically promoting rock bands for a small indie label. One day at school Ana heard one of the bands she promoted on the radio and that moment was mind-blowing, as it was a direct result of her efforts. Then she took a degree in Sociology and a Masters in Labour Studies that took her to London, UK, and back again in touch with the music industry. Returning to Lisbon in 2008, she decided she
wanted to work in the music industry and started booking shows for a couple of bands that where starting out, just like her. The Fabulous Generation agency grew, and Ana started booking international bands as well, with an innovative business model in the Portuguese music business. This included in-house PR as well as a distribution protocol for artists wanting to enter the Portuguese market. Now the company is formally a part of the SCL-Agency Group, booking national and international artists in Portugal and abroad, as well as handling management and
international development.

Ana has recently participated in the MaMA Event (Paris, France) and MEDIMEX (Bari, Italy) and is looking forward to Eurosonic, Midem, and of course CMW!