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Nuno Saraiva

Artist Manager & Founder of the SCL-Agency,
SCL Agency
Alcochete, Portugal
Nuno Saraiva is an artist manager and consultant, founder of the SCL-Agency, a Lisbon-based Music Management Company and Consulting Company. He is also label manager for the Portuguese labels Lusitanian & Indiefada. In 2012 he co-founded the AMAEI, Portuguese Independent Music Association. In 2016 the AMAEI has started the WHY Portugal music cluster, leading the project for the Eurosonic Country Focus Portugal in 2017.

He is co-Director of the Westway LAB Festival, Portugal's first PRO music event and showcase festival, differentiated by the multi-national artist residencies for international artists, and publisher at Lusitanian Music Publishing, Portugal's first one-stop shop for master-synch licensing, sub-publishing catalogues for Portugal / Europe.

Nuno Saraiva was a Board member of musicaPT (2012-2013), the Portuguese Agents Association, as well as Network Europe (2010-2012), an European Booking Agents’ Association. He is presently a Board Member of IMPALA representing the AMAEI, and Secretary of MMF Portugal.