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Matt Jones

London, UK
Matt Jones, 25, describes his business as "collapsing the distribution chain and creating more value for the artist and the fan." CrowdSurge reports ticket sales of 250,000 in 2010, with turnover of £11 million ($18 million). Projected revenue for 2011 is £25 million ($40.8 million), says Jones, whose company has worked with Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire, My Chemical Romance, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters, among others. "We're giving artists the tools that they need to do what they want to do," says Jones, who also heads London-based concert promoter SPC Live. CrowdSurge--which operates in 50 languages and 15 currencies, and has offices in London, New York and Los Angeles--recently launched a Facebook ticketing application in Europe and the United States.