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Alfredo Moré

Misondecuba Productions
Sta. Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Alfredo Moré is currently in charge of the management for various Cuban and Spanish artists on tours in Europe such as: Pancho Amat Cuba, Cuba's living master of the ‘tres cubano’ (three double-string guitar) nominated for Latin Grammy; the Troubadours of Asieta (Troveros de Asieta) recognized for the best of traditional Cuban music, this ensemble from the Island of La Palma has toured extensively across Europe and outside of Latin America; Daniel Amat, pianist born in a small town of Havana called Güira de Melena (under the musical mentorship his father Pancho Amat); plus other great talents of Cuban piano and Latin Jazz including Ignacio Fernandez, who has been playing Flamenco guitar since age of 11. This award-winning Flamenco guitarist, composer and arranger, recording artist and performer is a regular contributor to the magazine "Chitarra", the highest-regarded music magazine in Italy.

At the same time I manage and promote one of the most prestigious

Cuban singers and pianists, Lucrecia, who is based in Spain and nominated for the 2010 Latin Grammy for his last CD ‘Album of Cuba.’

At CMW, I will be presenting the recent CDs of Troveros of Asieta, Pancho Amat and Lucrecia.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to work on the production of the artists for the Gala of the Carnival of Tenerife Islands (Oricha, Xiomara Laugart, and Carlos Vives), following a tenure as production manager for artists performing at the awards for 2007-2008 Athletic Competition in the Canary Islands (Spain.)

Following the establishment of my own independent project management company in 2006 (founded with the help of the Cuban Ministry of Culture) I worked with Cuban artists on European tours. I worked with Cuba’s Ministry of Culture and respective funders to create a cultural space (A autumn Cultural) for Cuban artists such as the Cuban actor José Antonio Alonso, Pancho Amat and his Cabildo del Son and the Troveros of Asieta etc.

Over the years I have worked on tour productions with actors, dance companies and musicians at home and abroad, as well as various television and media outlets and marketing and advertising campaigns.

Tour Management - Spain

2006 Tour in Canary island / Ballet Tropical Revue

2007. The Palms of Great Canary / Ballet Tour Palma Island Tropical Revue

2008 Tour Canary Islands El Cabildo of Son and Pancho Amat

2008/09 Tour with Troveros of Asieta and Lucrecia in Canaries Island

2010/11 Tour with Troveros of Asieta and Lucrecia, Pancho Amat in Spain.

Early Experience

1989 - American Theatre of Havana

1990 -Teatro Carlos Max. City of Havana for playwright Nelson Dorr.

1991 - Habana Libre Santiago Alfonso.

1992 - International Tour - Italy - Switzerland - Sporting Club Monte Carlo (France)

1994/98 - Tropicana - Marbella, Barcelona, Las Palmas of Gran Canaries, Santa Cruz de Tenerife,

London Royal Albert Hall, Germany & Sporting Club Monte Carlo France

Collaboration with Media and TV Channels

- Channel 5 and Ray-1, Italy.

- Channel 5 and BBC, London.

- Antenna 3, Spain.

- Channel 7, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

- Program Mirtha Legran, Argentina.

- TV Colombia

- TV Japan Nagasaki-Huis Ten Bosch, NHK TV in Tokyo.

- TV DF Mexico.

Collaboration on various advertising campaigns for fashion

- Spain sportswear Action Wear (Cybele Spain)

- Havana Designer Japanese Junko Koshino.

- Spain-Madrid company Triumph (HOM) beach-interior clothes.

- Advertising TV Tenerife (Auditorium)