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Justin Baird

Aegis Media Pacific / Jumptank
Formarly an Innovationist at Google, Justin brings over ten years of product management and high tech experience, in areas ranging from R&D, embedded DSP and software development, high speed digital networks, and large scale entertainment systems. He holds a U.S. Patent and has written a number of technical papers within these areas of research.

Justin's focus is to drive thought leadership with clients and agencies to support innovation opportunities via Google's technologies, and to demonstrate how these technologies can be leveraged to drive highly effective business solutions.

During his tenure at Google, Justin has helped launch local YouTube portals across Asia Pacific, supported the rollout of numerous consumer products, helped launch the first Android mobile devices in the region, and brought the Creative Sandbox to Australia.

Justin is also actively involved in Google’s philanthropic efforts to help drive positive change through technology. Justin drove the global launch of the Google Friend Connect powered social platform for Earth Hour. Most recently Justin has been working with the United Nations UNEP and UNFCCC, the Prince’s Rainforests Project, and multiple global awareness campaigns regarding global online strategies for the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Originally from the United States, Justin worked in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Sydney, Australia six years ago. Justin holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Music from the University of Miami, providing a unique background in both technology and the creative arts. Justin additionally holds a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management.