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Dagfinn Bach

President and R&D Director,
Bach Technology
Bergen, Norway
Dagfinn is one of the real pioneers within in the online music business. While working for Western Norway Research Institute (1986-1995), he was the leader of a cluster of very early pilot projects together with Fraunhofer IIS on utilizing mp3 in music production and distribution (1991-1993), digitisation of music archives (1992-1994), and the development of one of the first mixed-mode audio/multimedia CD-ROMs in 1992. From 1994 to 1998 he was the initiator and coordinator of several important European Commission funded projects within development of online distribution services of music. In 1998 Dagfinn was hired as a consultant by Nokia Ventures Organisation for conducting a feasibility study on E-trade of music over wireless networks in the Chinese mainland market. After this he became the founder of the aggregation company Artspages International where he acted as the CEO until 2007, when he founded Bach Technology in close partnership with Fraunhofer IDMT and Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg. In Bach Technology he became the co-inventor of MusicDNA™ which is a solution for analysing and matching metadata and packaging rich media content in a digital media file. Currently Dagfinn is responsible for an industrial R&D project together with Hewlett Packard, for establishing a highly optimized and green energy focussed service platform for real-time tracking and analysing of airplay.

Bach Technology is a leading provider of advanced audio analysis and recognition technology for the digital music market and device manufacturers. A fast growing music technology company with offices in Norway, Germany and China, The company successes from a team who have been involved with the development of digital music since 1986.