Andra Day, Regina King and John Legend Set for Guild of Music Supervisors Awards

The April 11 ceremony, which will be hosted virtually this year, will also include performances by Golden Globe best actress winner Andra Day, Darius de Haas and Celeste

Royal Blood to Perform Virtual Concert at Roblox’s Bloxy Awards

British rock duo Royal Blood will perform a three-song virtual concert — as avatars — during the 2021 Bloxy Awards, taking place on the online gaming platform Roblox

TV Ratings: Grammy Awards Hit Record Low, Down Nearly 53% Compared to 2020’s Show

This year’s telecast the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards was the lowest-rated in Grammys history in the early numbers.

At Tonight’s Grammy Awards, We Celebrate — Then, as the Weeknd Snub Shows, It’s Time to Fix Them

One thing that is not different this year is scandal; there’s been a major one in nearly each of the last five Grammys.

Beyonce Breaks Record to Become Most Awarded Woman in Grammy History

Beyoncé’s 28 wins at the Grammys Sunday moves her ahead of the former champion, Alison Krauss.

How The Grammys Came To Honor The Troubadour, Hotel Café, The Apollo And Station Inn

The Recording Academy will pay tribute to everyday workers at the Troubadour and three other venues. (Getty Images)

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June 6-11, 2022