Panel Details


Wednesday 04/19/2017
Osgoode Ballroom East
9:50AM - 10:40AM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Music-Lovers in a Dangerous Time: The Security Session

Istanbul was on high alert at New Year’s Eve, and still a popular nightclub fell prey to a terrorist massacre. It capped a horrific string of mass killings at music venues that included Orlando’s Pulse and Paris’s Bataclan. On one hand, death-by-terrorism remains an extremely unlikely event in our lives. But the images and reality of these rampages – and lower profile incidents - has connected public events and risk in our minds. How secure can we make the live music experience, and to what extent can the minds of performers and fans be set at ease? This session features a panel of security experts with a frank discussion of the new realities and the steps we will take to face them.
Robert Smith
CEO & President
Nightclub Security Consultants
San Diego, USA