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Thursday 05/05/2016
Sheraton Hall C
8:15AM - 8:45AM
(30 minutes)

Introduction to CMW

Newcomer’s Orientation

This annual session is a great kick off for those attending CMW for the very first time! It’s also an incredible networking session for those who attend…your chance to connect with others who are taking a major step towards their own future…who knows, it may parallel your own, and this is the place to get to know others.

Facilitator Greg Simpson, has worked for CMW for 22 years, and has run this session for almost two decades. Topics covered include not only networking, but how to comport yourself and how to get the most out of the nearly 100 sessions, so as to maximize your CMW experience.
Greg Simpson
Conference Facilitator/Radio Programmer
Canadian Music Week CMW
Mississauga, Canada