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Thursday 04/20/2017
Sheraton Hall A/B
1:00PM - 1:50PM
(50 minutes)

One-on-One Interview

Artist Manager Interview with Bob McLynn

With its robust revenues and pop-cultural impact, it’s been compared to Motown and The Brill Building and a slicker 21 st Century pop version of Warhol’s Factory. But, however you label it, Crush Management has left an indelible impact on the millennial pop and rock music scene. Out of the gate, it launched the careers of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, and - with a roster that includes Sia, Train, Lorde and Weezer - pioneered a template for making bands go viral via social media, practically before social media existed. Co-founder Bob McLynn talks about how a former hardcore bass player helped break the digital-era pop music code.
Ralph Simon
CEO & Founder
Mobilium Global Limited
London, UK