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Guest Blog: Elizabeth Moody | 3 Reasons Why “Full Stack” Music is the Future

Imagine a world in which you, a music lover, can have all your music needs met with one app. It’s not that far off. To borrow a... Read More

Date posted: Feb 26, 2016

Guest Blog: George Howard | Why Those Celebrating The “Death” Of The Bitcoin Blockchain Are Missing The Point

The following article highlights recent news surrounding Blockchain technology. For an overview of Blockchain, and additional reading... Read More

Date posted: Feb 12, 2016

Guest Blog: Vick Bain | Addressing Equality and Diversity in the Music Industry

  Five years ago I conducted in-depth research into equality and diversity in the UK music industry. I found that despite the... Read More

Date posted: Feb 03, 2016

Guest Blog: Jeremy Silver | Can the Nerds Save the Music Industry?

Yes, says Jeremy Silver but he calls for a return to music nerdiness in order to bring back the passion in fans for recorded... Read More

Date posted: Jan 27, 2016

Guest Blog: Will Buckley | The Record Business – 1965-2015

  Growing up in the sixties and seventies music was everywhere, it was all we talked about. It was the invitation; want to come... Read More

Date posted: Jan 13, 2016

Guest Blog: Blake Morgan | Why Music Makers Are the Real American Innovators

The below article specifically highlights the current state of "fair play fair pay" in  American legislation, but is an important and... Read More

Date posted: Jan 06, 2016

Guest Blog: Steve Daly | Five Reasons Why Cashless Festivals are on the Up

Steve Daly, head of RFID tech at custom wristband suppliers lD&C, takes a look at the reasons behind the cashless festival... Read More

Date posted: May 01, 2015

Guest Blog: Alan Cross | Beware the Best Before Date

Broadcast guru Alan Cross breaks down how you can boost your career longevity in radio. Put his advice into practice below. About... Read More

Date posted: Mar 04, 2015

Guest Blog: Eric Alper’s 135 reasons why radio won’t play your song

Eric Alper, Director of Media Relations and Label Acquisitions for eOne Music Canada, breaks down dozens of don'ts and pointers for... Read More

Date posted: Jan 30, 2015
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