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Tommy Brannigan

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Tommy Brannigan is the VP at Raw Material, a management company based out of Los Angeles whose roster boasts over 20 million monthly listeners and a long list of accolades.
The Chicago native spent his early years in music across live events, journalism and A&R where he developed a music first mentality. The now 27 year old manager notes that to him, “Management is storytelling at its earliest stage and being able to empower an artist to tell their story in a compelling way is the foundation of building an artist’s career long term.”
Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2019, he focused his career entirely into management growing began with Fiji Blue, Weston Estate, Marco Luka.
Over the span of the last 3 years he achieved independent success with over a quarter billion streams and sold out tours across the US, which he attributes to a talent at finding an intersection where art & culture meet consumption. Also adding that, “Today’s industry demands more of managers than ever before” and that “an ecosystem of shared knowledge & resources is key to properly servicing clients at the highest level.”
In 2022, Brannigan joined longtime friends and business associates Brad Cohen and Matt Papasan in launching Raw Material, a new management company which includes a roster of 70+ clients and a young team of managers. In addition to focusing on acts at the company, Brannigan is thrilled to be offering a new structure for managers that matches the demand of today’s music industry.

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