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Sushil Chhugani

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Sushil Chhugani is the founder of Stubborn Company, a music services company and creative arts incubator. Stubborn Company was founded in 2021 leading young creative entrepreneurs to build businesses, create value and scale revenue from the ground up.

Over last two decades Sushil’s work during some of his professional stints such as Sony Music, Rolling Stone and Viacom has been awarded and enabled him to be widely recognised as a proven thought-leader in the Media & Entertainment space in areas of Music & Artist Management, Intellectual Property, A&R, Digital/Content Marketing, Brand Solutions, and Live Entertainment. 

Having played a key role in the rise of Hip-Hop subculture in India via discovery and development of some of the finest and most popular artists in India, his remit in pop culture ensures a strong working network across the length and breadth of the Music eco-system and business.

Sushil heads the India International Music Week and is currently scouting artists to programme for the showcases at IIMW. 


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