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Saul Colt

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Meet Saul Colt, a renowned real-world and online marketing leader, and the Founder of The Idea Integration Company, a 29-person creative shop specializing in marketing, advertising, word of mouth, and experiences for his clients that exceed expectations. Saul has been transforming the world of experiential marketing and community building for over two decades and has no plans to stop any time soon.

Saul’s impressive career includes being the first international employee of Zipcar, launching the car-sharing platform in Canada, the first marketing hire at, the #1 Cloud Accounting service for Small Business Owners and a major contributing factor to their growth. He has also held leadership roles at Rogers Communications and was the first Chief Evangelist of As a consultant, he has worked with the likes of Nike, eBay, Twitter, Foxtel, and hundreds of smaller brands. Saul’s expertise in Word of Mouth Marketing, Stunt Marketing, Social Media, Customer Experience, Community Building, and Business Courage has been recognized by industry experts and media outlets, including Inc and Forbes Magazine. NYT Bestselling author and Internet Pioneer Chris Brogan has even referred to Saul as “exactly who you want representing your company.”

But that’s not all. The Idea Integration Company has recently absorbed the entire creative team from Mad Magazine and a handful of creatives from The Simpsons, adding even more talent and creativity to their already impressive team.

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