Richard Mills

Global Creative Partners

Richard is a 30 year veteran in developing commercially viable artists who has extensive experience of transferring culture across borders and continents. His passion for understanding and connection combined with his ability to create value have made him a unique and trusted partner to many. He has found the foundation for any worthwhile endeavour is one built on shared understanding acquired through respect and trust.

Formerly a Vice President with 25 years distinguished service with Canada’s The Feldman Agency (TFA), he founded Global Creative Partners in 2017 to help the globally creative and ambitious scale their business.

Supported by his team at GCP, Rich currently manages the career of reknown guitarist Jesse Cook ( and is a special management consultant for Red Light Management for several of their clients in Canada ( STYX, Collective Soul, Gowan, Heart) .

Past development clients include pop icon Shawn Mendes, guitarist and filmmaker Jesse Cook ( now in their 28th year together) , legendary singer/ songwriter Ron Sexsmith, as well as being a champion for musician and actor Kiefer Sutherland, as well as many others who have also developed effective touring in the U.S. and Europe.

For 2022, Richard is also the international talent coordinator for Star Academie- Canada’s largest Variety TV show which has a weekly audience of 2M