Rachel Karry

Co-Founder and President,
World Artists United

Rachel is a serial social impact entrepreneur, philanthropist and one of the most on demand business, marketing and branding strategist. She is the Co-Founder and President of World Artists United, a 360 creative branding / marketing agency and entertainment company reaching over 30 million Gen Z and strategizing for brands from today’s top artists, athletes and influencers. Rachel is a Founder and General Partner at Music Entrepreneur Ventures, a fund and ecosystem for early stage technology companies leading the future of the creator economy, and Co-Founder of Stealth Mode technologies supporting IP ownership and management. She and her team created the Music Entrepreneur Conference (MEcon), which launched at Harvard University’s Science Center to help artists and entrepreneurs access education, finance and technology. Rachel also co-produced Music Industry Essentials, an online program in collaboration with NYU’s Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music and Billboard Magazine, via the first of its kind creator economy EDTECH platform, Yellowbrick.


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