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Rachel Karry

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Rachel is a serial social impact entrepreneur, philanthropist and one of the most on demand business, marketing and branding strategist. She is the Co-Founder and President of World Artists United, a 360 creative branding / marketing agency and entertainment company reaching over 30 million Gen Z and strategizing for brands from today’s top artists, athletes and influencers. Rachel is a Founder and General Partner at Music Entrepreneur Ventures, a fund and ecosystem for early stage technology companies leading the future of the creator economy, and Co-Founder of Stealth Mode technologies supporting IP ownership and management. She and her team created the Music Entrepreneur Conference (MEcon), which launched at Harvard Universityā€™s Science Center to help artists and entrepreneurs access education, finance and technology. Rachel also co-produced Music Industry Essentials, an online program in collaboration with NYUā€™s Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music and Billboard Magazine, via the first of its kind creator economy EDTECH platform, Yellowbrick.


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