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Pedro Barbosa

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Pedro Barbosa has worked in the music and film industry for over 25 years. He began his career at the retail level at the HMV Super and Mega stores in Montreal before joining MusiquePlus, Canada’s French language music TV channel, as producer. Having a passion for the TV and FILM Industry, Pedro joined Annexe Communications / Popcorn Communications where he worked specifically with Fox Searchlight and Disney as accounts director and publicist for Quebec. Before launching Mitsar Productions with producer and partner Stefano Pando, Pedro held marketing, development, and public relations positions at Novem, Indica Records and Let Artists Be. Pedro continues to be active in the development, production, publishing, consulting, and management of artists in Canada, he works with such artists as, HERDD, Alexiane, Sule Heitner, Skatton Club, Fatal Switch, El Hispalis and Roxanne Kloihofer.


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