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Nish Bhargava

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With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Nish Bhargava is the founder and owner of The Bhargava Group, a multifaceted company that provides artists with a platform to truly be an artist. The company oversees management, music production, marketing, merchandising, and touring, offering comprehensive support to its clients. Beyond his role as a businessman, Nish is also a creative force, serving as a songwriter and producer. He has cultivated an extensive portfolio, spanning genres from hip-hop, where he collaborated with artists such as The Game and Lil Wayne, to the dance space, where he worked with Sickick and contributed to records by Madonna, DMX, and Avril Lavigne.

During his tenure in hip-hop, Nish created and grew multiple merchandising brands to have a global presence and sales worldwide. Transitioning to the dance genre, he established Sickick as an independent artist with a collective following of over 15 million fans across various platforms, amassing more than 1 billion views. Additionally, he has propelled the music profile to exceed 500 million streams and continues to foster its growth.

Through the launch of The Bhargava Group, Nish leverages his industry expertise to support emerging artists across multiple platforms, offering a comprehensive suite of services as a one-stop shop. The company specializes in branding, music development, touring, and strategic guidance, empowering artists to be an artist and realize their full potential.


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