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Monica Gaur

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Determined to work in music, Monica studied and graduated from the Music Business Management program at Durham College in 2017 where she was introduced to the many different facets of the industry. Since then, she has expanded upon her knowledge and professional experience while working amongst the dynamic team at Slammin Media. In her current role as Label Services Coordinator, Monica’s primary responsibilities include the preparation of new releases/catalog takeovers for distribution, as well as overseeing all lyrical content for the roster (transcription & onboarding to third party platforms).

The team at Slammin Media offers label services, live touring support, and worldwide distribution via Believe.  With employees and clients across the United States, Canada, Latin, and South America, the Slammin Media team strives to seek out opportunities across the global marketplace. 

Artists Include:  Buenrostro (MEXICO), December Rose (CANADA), Dave Sereny (CANADA), Eddie Bullen (Thunderdome Sounds – Canada), Godking Zeus (CANADA), Grace & Badlove (ARGENTINA), James Andrews (New Orleans, USA), Jonathan Bauer (New Orleans, USA), Keisha Christian (BARBADOS), M.E. (CHILE), Sonia Aimy (NIGERIA/CANADA), The Heavyweights Brass Band (CANADA), The Celtic Tenors (IRELAND), Tortured Soul (USA)


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