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Michelle Allman-Esdaille

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Michelle Allman-Esdaille, a visionary leader, is transforming the creative industry through her brainchild, The Hook & Company, a Toronto-based hub for artist services. As an accomplished artist manager and business owner, Michelle is renowned for her influence, including being the pioneering force behind The HOOK Sync Group, Canada’s premier sync agency helmed by a Black woman, championing inclusivity. As an activist within the Black community, Michelle has spent time working with ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, where she drove operations and talent acquisition, actively fostering growth in the Black music scene. Her commitment extends to Sustainable Creative Living, a platform where she leverages her decade-long experience to empower export-ready artists and industry professionals through programming designed in partnership with MuCruu, a liaison export company.

To add to the list, Michelle is a Reiki practitioner and author of a collaborative anthology book entitled “You Have So Much Potential – Inspiring Generation Healing & Transformation” with 29 other doctors and practitioners showcasing her multifaceted commitment to empowering others, making her a true pioneer in the industry.


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