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Kayla Diamond

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Kayla Diamond was supposed to be a lawyer, but life offered a different path.

In 2016, while she was attending law school, Kayla got a call from Slaight Music and Cadence Music Group that changed her life – a recording deal.  She left law school and her debut single, “Carnival Hearts,”  landed her a top 30 hit on the Canadian Billboard radio charts. That single was then nominated at the Canadian Radio Music Awards.

After “Carnival Hearts”, she released “What You’re Made Of,” which earned her first Canadian Billboard Top 10 hit. The successful experience as an artist has guided Kayla towards her true passion:  producing and writing. With a unique ability to understand every role of the writing room as well as play multiple instruments, Kayla has proven herself to be a prominent songwriter and producer among the pop, indie and dance world.

Her catchy collaborations with Alex Schulz, Kiso Armic, Vanillaz and Anevo have earned her over 30M cross-platform streams, steady radio play and recognition from the likes of Gareth Emery, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Hardwell, and many more. Kayla is one of the youngest female producers in Canada.  She has multiple artist releases lined up for 2023 by artists such as Sophie Grenier (“La Voix”), Jeanick Fournier, Emi Jeen, The Strumbellas, and more.

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