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Canadian artist Kha is a multi-skilled creator A recording artist (rapper, singer) musician, songwriter, record & audio producer, beat programmer, mix, mastering audio engineer, composer, director, cinema/photographer, editor and

designer. He is the creator and developer of the Dabke Rap genre. It’s hard to classify him under Hip-Hop since he encompasses a variety of music genres from Pop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock and more Nonetheless, Kha blazes a distinctive sonically acclaimed style with his Oriental Dabke drums, lyrical Raps and melodic singing His music is English-French-Arabic.

Kha is the founder of Ka Records The record label in mission of creating a powerhouse of unique cinematics and audio inspired by different cultures, countries and genres.

He has been releasing a song and video each week (video each two week) since 2021 into 2022. From 2022/2023 he’s released one each 2 weeks along with cinematic music videos. He started working in music professionally and independently in 2017.

Every project that you hear, see and watch from Kha are entirely created by him. From the art covers, videos and music. He had no connections in the music or cinema industry so he had to do everything himself. This is one of the reasons why he wears so many hats.

Kha’s vision is to develop his genre Dabke Rap to the fullest and make it the most relevant genre in music while creating the greatest short short films as music videos. A cinematic experience each time that brings you to ancient times, space, a futuristic world, a surreal dimension and other distinctive sets while having meaningful messages behind them.

Under a year of releasing music on Spotify his songs Vendetta, Paranoi, Mandela and Trinity also got known and added into an official Spotify editorial playlist, dominating their placements sometimes for longer than a week

His song Vendetta was also featured on a CBC Radio-Canada episode called Rapophonie hosted by cultural journalist Myriam Fehmiu whom present the best of Western French-Rap of the time

Other notable mentions would be his feature in the Top Arabic Songs video from LuckyLoush (1 7K subscribers) & Dea Manaj ( 8K subscribers). Several other media and blog pages would also continuously post some of Kha’s sonics such as Victoria, Beirut, Trankilo, OMO, JCLM, Shaab.. to name a few.



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