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Elle de Lyon

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Elle is an award-winning creative producer and director, specializing in developing grassroots collectives and emerging artists. Her journey in the media arts and entertainment industry began with media and communication courses in 2012, evolving through volunteer work at RISE into co-founding Madewell in 2019. Dedicated to preserving culture through education and celebration, Madewell became a catalyst for Elle’s commitment to uplifting marginalized voices.

In 2022, Elle founded PDA Global Media, inspired to amplify voices of color both on and off-screen. This endeavor birthed “Living Room Sessions” and “Our Crib Uncut,” providing safe spaces for local and emerging artists from marginalized communities to share their journeys while demystifying the entertainment industry’s inner workings.

Simultaneously, Elle serves as the program director at RISE Edutainment, where she continues to champion emerging talents and community engagement. Additionally, she mentors creatives as a grant writing mentor at Nia Centre, nurturing growth and empowerment within the community. Through her multifaceted approach, blending artistry with advocacy, Elle continues to pave the way for inclusivity and representation in the cultural landscape.


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