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Dr. Jay Harrison

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Dr. Jay Harrison is a former NHL hockey player and current licensed clinical mental health counsellor in North Carolina. Dr. Harrison played 15 professional hockey seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, Winnipeg Jets, and Chicago Blackhawks organizations, while representing Canada multiple times in international play.

Always valuing his development off the ice, Dr. Harrison completed his BA in Psychology, and the academic portion of his MS in Clinical Psychology while playing professionally. Rather than seeing education as a distraction to performance, Dr. Harrison ascribes his commitment to education while playing at an elite level as a performance enhancing investment and as a source of resilience. Upon transitioning from sport, Dr. Harrison completed his clinical residency in clinical counselling, specializing in the treatment of PTSD, and his doctorate in Performance Psychology.

Dr. Harrison currently consults for the NHLPA acting as Wellness, Performance, and Transition Specialist, as a mental health consultant to NASCAR, and provides time-limited engagements with high performance corporations that emphasize leadership, performance, and well-being. His experience as an elite athlete and his current work with high performing professionals in sport and industry allows Dr. Harrison to contribute a distinct perspective on mental health, wellbeing, and performance.


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