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Diane Pinet

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Bloc-Notes Music was founded by Diane Pinet in 1987. The company has extensive experience in the field of copyright and a solid knowledge of the music industry. She currently sits on the boards of MPC/EMC (Music Publisher in Canada), SOCAN and SOCAN Foundation, National Music Center NMC, PAN M 360, Caras-Junos, and numerous committees. Diane has been invited as a speaker on several national and international panels such as the Francofolies de Montréal, the MIDEM, the CMC Canadian Music Week, the MaMa in France, etc.
Bloc-Notes Music, Diane Pinet has won several Félix (ADISQ) awards in the Publisher of the Year category. Since its foundation, BNM has received numerous SOCAN awards, POP songs of the year, classic songs, and several SOCAN number 1. In 2021, Diane Pinet was honored to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award – Publisher Legacy Award from her peers Music Publisher of Canada, MPC.
Bloc-Notes Music, Diane Pinet has also been named SOCAN Publisher of the Year in 2021, 2022, and 2023.
The good relations that BNM maintains with its sub-publishers around the world are a fundamental part of the company’s renown, namely the promotion of Canadian musical works and the development of its songwriters. Its presence in many territories allows songwriters to showcase their works and stimulate their creativity by forging links between artists from different backgrounds. BNM is represented in the following countries: Japan, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, South America, Brazil, United States, Australia, South Africa, Germany, and many more.
Its artists have written many gold and platinum hits ranging from Celine Dion to Faith Hill, Serena Ryder, Ginette Reno, Roch Voisine, Garou, dee holt, D R M S, Alexe Gaudreault, Bobby Bazini, Benjamin Nadeau, Marie Mai, SAYA, SOMMM, Fred St Gelais, Ludovick Bourgeois, Jay Lefebvre, Gautier Marinof, Josh Alexander, Marc Dupré, Eric Lapointe, MIRO, Léa Jarry, or Eli Rose, to name a few. The expertise of its copyright department and the proactivity of its creative department are valuable assets in the promotion and export of its musical works (physical or digital) in all territories.
Bloc-Notes Music, Diane Pinet is at the heart of several virtual writing camps involving numerous countries such as the Netherlands, France, Australia, Belgium, South America, Italy, Portugal, the USA, Japan, and Canada. Several songwriters from Bloc-Notes Music have participated in these virtual and in-person camps, which have had positive impacts on their careers and on several other camps.
Bloc-Notes Music is investing more than ever in its mission to develop international connections at a distance through new working techniques that highlight communication technologies. These writing camps have a significant impact: many of the participants subsequently continued to collaborate for the writing of singles, EPs, or albums. Additionally, Bloc-Notes Music organizes in-person writing camps every six months involving more than 32 producers, top liners, and artists in four studios over a period of five days.
The repertoire of the Bloc-Notes Music catalog is extremely diverse and includes a wide variety of musical styles ranging from electronic music to pop, rock, and hip-hop. From its inception to today, the company still dominates the top of the charts. In the last three months, the works of Bloc-Notes Music have either been number 1, success of the week, or have generated strong reactions on the ADISQ charts. Bloc Notes Music is strongly committed to the careers of its songwriters. And with a strong creative department and solid copyright, the company’s success and efficiency continue to build confidence among its songwriters and partners.

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