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Deborah Egel

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Debbie Egel is a highly accomplished and dynamic entertainment attorney, as well as the founder of an educational platform specializing in Hip Hop and RnB. With an unwavering passion for the music industry and a commitment to empowering aspiring artists, Debbie Egel has become a well regarded figure in both the legal and educational realms.

Throughout her career, she has diligently protected artists’ rights, negotiated lucrative deals, and navigated the complexities of the entertainment world.  Her deep understanding of the legal intricacies and unique challenges faced by Indie Artists led her to become a professor at Drexel University teaching copyrights and has made her trusted advisor in the industry.

In addition to their legal prowess, she has played a role beginning during Covid in the way Indie artists access knowledge and resources in the music industry. Frustrated by the lack of knowledge she created a comprehensive resource, offering invaluable insights, workshops, and mentorship programs to help artists thrive in a highly competitive landscape.  Her educational platform not only imparts essential legal knowledge but also fosters artistic growth and entrepreneurial skills.

Moreover, she has extended her reach by offering distribution services, providing emerging artists with a platform to showcase their work to a wider audience. Leveraging her extensive network and expertise, to further amplify the voices of rising independent Artists and Labels. 

As an entertainment attorney, educator, and advocate for artistic expression, Debbie continues to empower Indie Artists and Labels for the next generation of talent, fostering a community that understands knowledge is power.



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