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Charlie B

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Ajay “DJ Charlie B” Saxena, an international DJ, Director of A&R at Warner Music Canada, and JUNO-nominated artist/producer, has been a dynamic force in the music industry for over a decade. His diverse range of experience with musical talents has helped him broaden Warner’s roster signing talents such as Punjabi artist and JUNO award winner Karan Ajula. His expanding A&R vision in collaboration with Creative Director Ikky led to the creation of 91 North Records, a ground-breaking joint venture between Warner Music Canada and Warner Music India.

Beyond his A&R success, Charlie is celebrated as an international DJ, leaving an impactful mark on the music scene worldwide. He has toured extensively across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, captivating audiences with his distinctive sound and positive energy. Collaborations with renowned establishments like Generation Now, home to artists like Jack Harlow, and performances at prestigious festivals like “Rolling Loud” highlight his influential presence. Furthermore, his hit track “30,000 ft” garnered a Gold Certification and earned a JUNO nomination.

Charlie’s dedication to fostering positive change extends beyond the music industry. Through his philanthropic endeavours, he actively supports local businesses, schools, mentors youth, and champions entrepreneurs across the city. Spearheading some of his own charitable initiatives, he has left an impact on communities within the GTA, raising over $250,000 in the process for charitable organizations. Driven by his innate industry acumen, he remains motivated to push boundaries and achieve success, consistently innovating in every new venture he pursues.


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